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Goddess Durga Pooja

Goddess Durga Pooja

Durga is an aggressive Goddesss who can unchain people from all negative forces, and hence, Durga Pooja is a gift for people suffering from all sorts of negative impacts in their lives. This worship can get for the devotees the grace of the Goddesss, protect them from distress, sorrow and misery, and endow them with happiness and peace. Women can be blessed with marital harmony, the longevity of the spouse, and a long and contented life.

People in this competitive world end up committing many misdeeds and sins, knowingly and unknowingly. These may incur for them, the displeasure or even the wrath of the Gods. Durga Pooja can please the Goddesss, get her forgiveness for the devotees, provide them with divine protection and will help in mitigating the harm that may occur on them or their families.

The benefits of doing Durga puja are many --- Durga was a great friend,and even a great philosopher who taught the world all about your karma (your deeds) and your dharma (your duty). It is said that praying regularly to Durga gives one peace of mind, solves family disputes, sorts out problems in one’s marriage or love life and solves financial problems.