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Lakshmi Puja

Lakshmi Puja

The right time to perform the Friday Lakshmi puja is in the mornings. Wake up early, take bath, wear clean clothes and clean the home. Prepare the puja altar. Setup a platform for installing goddess Lakshmi. There are three versions of the puja. The object of worship can be an image or idol of Lakshmi or a lamp or a kalash. You can choose the one as per your liking and possibility. If you are using a kalash for the puja, take a copper pot, put some rice inside and add a few dry fruits to it, place a bunch of mango leaves on top and invert a coconut over it.

Decorate the kalash with turmeric paste, sandal paste, vermilion, flowers, a piece of cloth and garlands. Chant the mantras of Lakshmi accompanied by the offering of flowers after every chant. You can choose a particular mantra and chant it for 108 times. • Do Arati and conclude the puja. Pray Lakshmi to fill the household with wealth and happiness and do Namaskar with the whole family in front of the deity.

• You can dismantle the kalash after the puja and use the rice for cooking food for the family. Alternatively, the rice can also be mixed with the rice kept in stock in the kitchen. In many households, mixing the rice with the rice stock in this way is believed to ensure prosperity in the household.