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The Vedic Astrology offers an excellent and well-tested method or procedure for making marriages and married life smooth, promising, and happy in every way. This segment of astrology is commonly called as Marriage Astrology or Matchmaking Astrology, and is immensely popular in places all across India, and also in numerous countries worldwide. This marriage & matchmaking astrology essentially deals with flawless and scrupulous matching of the birth horoscopes of the two concerned persons proposed for making a marriage.

Such Horoscope Matching [or Kundli Matching] offers detailed ad reliable information about the perfectness of any proposed marriage, including facts about the marriage compatibility, stability of relationship, Guna Milan, Manglik analysis, analysis of other Doshas and Yogas, etc., and also suggests certain astrological recommendations and remedies for promoting happy marriages or prosperous and stable marriage life. This horoscope matching is also beneficial to partners desirous of a love marriage, to make things better.

The Seventh House in the Birth Horoscope or Chart of a female or male is directly related with his/her marriage and married life. This horoscope matching for marriage is based on Lunar Constellations Nakshatras for discovering the total number of qualities in support of marriage.